We believe that great products are built by great teams, not great plans.

When a team has a clear common purpose, the autonomy to deliver and an intrinsic motivation to attain mastery, success is guaranteed.

Agilist exists to make this the norm, not the exception

In his role as Scrum Master, Tim really motivated my teams to take ownership of their development backlog, question and understand what they were building and why. Through this continual focus and application of Agile best practices, include standups and retrospectives they quickly became more effective in their day to day working, and their ability to deliver working functionality.

His excellent people skills meant that he was able to work with the team members and coach them in how they should be mindful of obstacles to be escalated, brainstorming ways that they themselves could remove obstacles and improve their ways of working. He was never afraid to provide feedback to management (myself included), as to where delivery issues may lie, and keeping the management focused on supporting the teams to deliver.

Donald Jones – Cisco Software Development Manager