Amazon Alexa: wake up to Spotify

As a tired person I want to wake up to my favourite music so that I feel energised and raring to go.

Santa has been really good to me and brought me an Amazon Echo but there is a slight flaw in that I can’t wake up to my playlist on Spotify.

Not to be beaten, I’ve found a workaround:

  • I’m using my phone as an alarm but I want to only use the native alarm app.
  • I’ve recorded a voice memo “Alexa….play Metallica on Spotify”
  • emailed that to myself
  • changed the file extension to M4R
  • added my new tone to iTunes
  • synced this to my phone
  • set it as my alarm.

To Do:

  • Workout how to have it only say the command once
  • Workaround: leave a long pause at the end of the voice memo
  • String together commands:
    • turn on light; whats new; play playlist; go to work instead of me

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