How important is estimation?

Go on have a guess…

I know there is a lot of noise about no estimates at the minute and I’ve got to say I agree with the sentiments of Ron Jefferies in the linked blog post, I agree that we should strive to get to a state of flow that allows us to move small pieces of work at pace through a team.

What agile practices allow us to do is to identify work, prioritise, deliver and adjust based on feedback. None of those things in themselves need ‘estimates’ in the sense the #noestimates movement means, at least based on my understanding. Continue reading

Agile transformation from the middle out

originally shared on Linkedin

I’ve spent the last few weeks looking for a new role and have now seen a great deal of job opportunities for scrum masters in a development department where the organisation is not agile, in varying degrees of organisational commitment from ambivalent to  ignorant.

Agile is not a mechanism for delivering software projects as I’ve seen quite a few times (I saw a recent role for a scrum project manager, I’m looking forward to discussing my feelings about that with the hiring manager) there seems to be so much confusion about agile and how much of the organisation it encompasses. Continue reading